Illustrator • Animator • Instructor

 I love feeling traditional paints and sculpting tools in my hands, but digital art tools are a lot of fun too.


for online tutoring and classes

For all online classes or sessions you will need:

A screen sharing tool and account like (Any one of these, not all needed): 

  • Discord
  • TeamViewer


A deposit of $10.00 per session is required at time of booking with remaining balance due at end of session.  

I am available for local one-on-one sessions but reach out and lets talk, use the contact form page to let me know. I will consider group sessions if it is worth the effort, so don't be shy to ask.

Cancelation Policy:

If you cancel less than 24 hours before the start of the session, the deposit becomes a cancelation fee for the booked sessions (each session is one hour). If you cancel more than 24 hours before, but less than 48 hours, you get 50% refunded. Before 48 hours you will get full refund.

Payment forms:

  • Paypal
  • Square

About Me

My Background

I have wide traditional media training, both 2D and 3D. I also work in digital form. Currently specializing in Blender, ZBrush and Maya projects. 

I officially started an art life in the seventh grade when I enrolled at Central Artes Visuales, an art magnet middle and high school in Puerto Rico. I graduated high school and headed to Pratt Institute in New York. Graduated with a BFA in Communication Design, major in illustration and minor in graphic design. Since then I have worked in multiple positions for commercial art. Recently I graduated from PNCA with a MFA in Visual Studies, concentration in 3D animated arts. I never abandoned my fine art career and am now in a position in life where those skills are back on demand. 

Now I provide art tutorials teaching how to draw, paint, sculpt and design both in traditional media and digital form. Look above to the subjects that are currently available and I'll add more will be in the coming months.

My Medium

Image of art preparing orthographic views of a vehicle design for 3d modeling.

I work in illustration, animation, video editing (not production) with Final Cut Pro, After Effect and Premier. I love open source software  and constantly use Blender, Natron, Kdenlive, OpenShot and other software. I am familiar with Linux, Macintosh and Windows computers and work at a fairly equal level of proficiency on all three. My preferred traditional medias are acrylics, oil, pastels, color pencils and charcoal.

Themes and styles I specialize on are:

Stylized (non-photographic) realistic illustrations in color and grayscale. Traditional and digital sculpting, animation, and illustration. 

3D modeling, texturing, painting and rigging for animation.

My Inspiration

I get inspired by many sources, but specially by social issues, justice, and the beauty of the creation power of humanity. For that matter, I am producing animations and art in general with content to inspire others.

My goal with animations is to entice audiences with what appears to be easy entertainment only to thrust them into reflecting upon issues of unexpected gravity: the absurdities of “normal life,” the resulting necessity to ask “what if,” and the desire to better humanity within its limitations. 

What is it that we consider normal? Why do we subscribe to it without questions? What is reality? Is it a construct?